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Print anything from anywhere with Google Cloud Print

Printing at home is dead simple, and most of us don’t think twice about it. But it sure is a heck of a lot easier when you can send a print job from any device, anywhere in the world to your printer at home. A slew of cloud-connected printers let you do this, but even if you’re stuck with a printer that doesn’t talk to the web you can get in on the print-anywhere fun with the help of Google Cloud Print. This free service from Google has been around since 2011, when it started as a way to print to
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Two good reasons to stick with POP3 email over IMAP

Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few stories and discussions online centering around the always popular debate about whether to use IMAP or POP3 for email. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, IMAP and POP3 are the protocols you use to access email via clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Android’s stock email app. The general consensus is that the more modern IMAP is the way to go and the aging POP3 standard should be abandoned at all costs. But that’s just not the case. In fact, I am going to point out two very good reasons to go on using
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Getting started with Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Back in May, Google was testing a new bookmark feature it called Stars. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t go public, except for one — probably unintentional — day on the Chrome Web Store. Now Google is offering a similar feature to Stars, called Bookmark Manager. Before you start using it, you’ll need to a check a couple of Chrome settings. Here’s how: Setup Step 1: Make sure you are on Chrome version 38 or later by going to Menu > About. If not, perform the required update. Step 2: Check that Chrome sync is enabled to access the new features. Click
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