Create app-specific passwords for iCloud

Apple has long offered two-step verification for iCloud accounts, but extra barrier for gaining access to your account was limited. The change was prompted after the recent celebrity photo leak. An unfortunate incident spurred Apple to secure users iCloud accounts using both two-step verification and app-specific passwords. The change requiring app-specific passwords was put into place on October 1. For those unfamiliar, app-specific passwords are used when an app or service you’re attempting to sign into doesn’t support two-step verification. Instead of forcing you to enter your account password, you create a single-use app-specific password, eliminating any potential for your
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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Tips and Tricks

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has become increasingly popular, and is difficult for retailers to keep on their shelves. With the addition of such a large display, as well as many of the features that have been added through iOS 8 and iOS 8.1, this device is shaping up to be a beast. Some of these features tend to be either a bit tricky to use, or entirely hidden, so today, we have a list of iPhone 6 Plus tips and tricks to help you embrace the power within your device. One-Handed Use The jump from the 4-inch display of the
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7 Whatsapp Alternative for Adroid/IOS

1.  WeChat – Wechat was very Successfull to establish into the market and one of the best Whatsapp Alternative anyone can find, You cannot only send audio Messages but now it has a feature to video chat as well, in my opinion Wechat will be the best alternative one can get for Whatsapp. 2.Skype – Skype allows you to text message people in your Contact list, it also allows you to make Calls. But unlike Whatsapp, inorder to add someone to your contact list you will have to add people by sending them request, Once they accept you as contact,
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