How to use Facebook’s new News Feed controls

Prior to today, the process for removing Facebook posts from a friend or page was a chore. You had to tap or click around the often confusing settings found on Facebook, until you wound up at the right spot. And that only covered a single account. Today Facebook announced it was making the process easier by creating a setting specifically to manage your News Feed. For on-the-fly unfollowing, you can now click or tap (this works on both the website and mobile apps) the small arrow in the top-right corner of a post. According to Facebook’s announcement, the drop-down will
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How To Get A Free Antivirus Online

Keeping your PC up to date and working properly can become a challenge, this because of the large number of viruses, trojans and spyware that are on the internet and installed without our consent affecting the performance of our team and putting in risk our files and personal information. So we must have our PC up to date with a good antivirus, but it’s still possible that a virus or malware is installed and all because viruses emerging daily are more powerful and difficult to detect. Often we are deceived by fake emails asking us to click a link, sometimes
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How to Remove Trojon Horse Virus

Are you facing virus threats on your computer? Is your computer behaving abruptly or are you the victim of a disk crash?  Is your computer hacked by a Trojan horse virus attack? A Trojan horse virus attack is one of the most dangerous threats to your computer and needs to be fixed immediately. If it is not protected on time, then the virus can lead to failures in connecting to the IRC network or even worse can lead to your computer hacking and then your computer might be used by some anti social elements in shaping some criminal attacks. This
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