Create app-specific passwords for iCloud

Apple has long offered two-step verification for iCloud accounts, but extra barrier for gaining access to your account was limited. The change was prompted after the recent celebrity photo leak. An unfortunate incident spurred Apple to secure users iCloud accounts using both two-step verification and app-specific passwords. The change requiring app-specific passwords was put into place on October 1. For those unfamiliar, app-specific passwords are used when an app or service you’re attempting to sign into doesn’t support two-step verification. Instead of forcing you to enter your account password, you create a single-use app-specific password, eliminating any potential for your
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How to use Facebook’s new News Feed controls

Prior to today, the process for removing Facebook posts from a friend or page was a chore. You had to tap or click around the often confusing settings found on Facebook, until you wound up at the right spot. And that only covered a single account. Today Facebook announced it was making the process easier by creating a setting specifically to manage your News Feed. For on-the-fly unfollowing, you can now click or tap (this works on both the website and mobile apps) the small arrow in the top-right corner of a post. According to Facebook’s announcement, the drop-down will
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