New features of Google Maps

1.Directions for multiple locations :

This is the one most required feature which one should provide in a navigation app. Previously Google has included this feature but it was stripped out later. In the recent update it was seen that this feature was brought back in the app and is not only available while driving but you can also get directions for multiple locations while biking and walking.

2.Multiple Directions for Attractions present in the City:

This feature is actually a part of the above feature. Using this feature people who have visited attractive locations in the city and founded them attractive can mark them up. You can also maintain the order of pinning using the drag and drop feature so that a route can be maintained and all the places can be visited without wasting of time. Using Google Maps you can also have the street view which will help you in better understanding the location and what you can also have a preview of your destination from your mobile phone only.

3.Finding Pre-booked flight tickets, hotel reservations:

We founded this feature as one of the best feature which was brought in Google Maps. Borrowed from Google search, this is one great addition to the Google Maps app. If you have previously used Google maps and you know the airport code or name of the places you where you have dined, you can enter those keywords and Google Maps will help you to get the directions of those locations. In a way Google is helping in refreshing up your memories. However you need to be logged in your Google Maps account for accessing this feature. If you are residing outside US you have to wait to use this feature as this feature is currently available for US and is only available in English.

4.Look for upcoming events :

Now you can see which events are going to take place by selecting the venues. Let’s say you want to find out which events are going to take place in the O2 Arena in the upcoming week. Just search for O2 Arena and then tap on Upcoming events. You will see a list of scheduled events that are going to take place in O2 arena in the upcoming days.